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Ophthalmology is among the fastest developing fields in medicine in recent years. But the advanced technology doesn't make the doctor, believes Assoc. Prof. Aneta Misheva, board member of the Bulgarian Ophthalmological Association, member of European and American ophthalmological societies and the head of Focus Centre for Eye Health, Sofia. The true ophthalmologist knows the modern technologies and how to use them, but always puts first the responsibility to the patient. Which are the strong sides of Focus Centre for Eye Health? In our aim to provide quality healthcare, we use the most modern high-end technology. In ophthalmology precise early diagnostics is crucial for the timely detection of diseases like glaucoma, which causes blindness without any symptoms. One of our mission is to preserve the eyesight of the patients, this is why we use the most advanced equipment which allows us precise diagnostics of all eye conditions. We are fighting not only for the eyesight of our patients, but also to preserve the quality of their life. The decreased eyesight seriously influences physical activity and social life. That is why the optimal preservation of eyesight is crucial in our work. Our young, enthusiastic team specialises in European clinics and participates in European and American congresses with publications, which contribute for the development of modern medicine. In diagnostics and treatment, we pay special attention to the tiniest detail, because without knowledge even the best technology is not enough. The combination of technology, superb knowledge and skills of the staff, and the personal touch to each of our patients, is in the foundation of the successes of Focus Centre for Eye Health. What are the opportunities of modern technology in treatment of eye diseases? The progress is greater in the bloodless and painless treatment of cataract and senile cataract. What makes Focus special is the treatment with implantation of high-tech lenses which rectify all aberrations and refractive anomalies of the eye, and allow recuperation of 100 percent of the eyesight from the first day of the operation, without glasses. In Focus, we perform the rare for Bulgaria surgery of posterior segment of the eyeball in advanced forms of diabetes. We are also the only ones in Bulgaria who operate advanced form of macular degeneration, a disease which until recently was incurable. Only we in Bulgaria perform implantation of artificial iris. The treatment is applied after trauma or congenital disorders, when the pupil has taken over the whole eye. The lenses are individually manufactured, in Germany. What provoked you to organise prophylactic check ups for glaucoma and surgeries and consultations with the best technology, outside Sofia? Our desire to fight with blindness and the belief that the doctor has the responsibility to help the patients, and the society. I, as the head of Focus, am teaching my younger colleagues the philosophy that what should lead them in their work should be the desire to help and the responsibility they have towards their patients. The main goal of their work is one: to use their skills, knowledge and technology to bring back the eyesight of their patients, and to preserve their quality of life.

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